5 Concerns When Building A New Home

“It takes hands to build a house but only hearts can build a home.”

At McAdams Homes we put our hearts into every home we build ensuring that you have the best possible experience and that experience starts by addressing all your concerns and easing your mind about the home building process. Here are some of our most commonly asked questions:

Q: How do I pick a home builder?
A: Easy, when you pick a McAdams Homes neighborhood like The Landing at Lewis Creek you are working with our team of professionals. You don’t have to search around to find another builder. Our team is knowledgeable about every aspect of the building process and will guide you every step of the way!

Q: Are new home prices set in stone?
A: Yep, in our communities you don’t have to worry about negotiating for the best price because our homes come with the best price already! Our homes are some of the most affordably priced houses in Southeastern NC. We guarantee you we will exceed your expectations and make sure you get more for your money!

Q: Do I have to use the builder’s mortgage lender?
A: No, you don’t; but we have a great network of lender and mortgage professionals like BB&T Trust and Guaranteed Rate that we work with that understand all the ins and outs of building a new home. Still, the choice is yours!

Q: Do I have to build my home from scratch?
A: Nope, only if you want to! Often times, we have model homes or spec homes available. Model homes are usually staged so that you can get a feel for how the home will live. Spec homes are usually complete or almost complete, so you can walk through them and see if you like the feel of the home. However, you can usually still make some selections along the way such as hardware, paint colors, etc. The possibilities are endless and we are always willing to work with you!

Q: What if something goes wrong?
A: Our Quality Assurance Representative will walk through your home with a comprehensive checklist to verify our high attention to detail, the functionality and construction of your home. Your Quality Assurance Representative will provide you with a detailed demonstration of your home systems, a review of the McAdams Homes warranty manual and will discuss other useful information to make sure you are 100% satisfied. We will escort you through your new home and help rectify any issues identified to make sure that all is well before you move into your new home!

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