Creating a Happy and Healthy Home

It is likely that you are getting very familiar with the interior (and exterior) spaces of your home these days. As you navigate through the challenges brought on by the pandemic and sift through the ways to create healthier lives for yourselves and families, it’s only natural that you start with your home. Often overlooked, your home has considerable effects on your health. As a place where you often escape to after the stress of work or the hectic pace of life, your home needs to be a place of serenity to help you recharge from the day. 

Experts agree that there are some simple and effective ways to improve your personal spaces and create a true oasis of calm. Clean your clutter. Every time you walk past it you think about it and over a day you can spend a lot of energy on those negative thoughts. Everything should have a place. You’ll feel the tension leave the room as you toss away unneeded items or better organize an area. Add Plants. When in doubt, add more plants. Plants are the embodiment of energy; they add freshness and vitality to your home, and they can purify the air. Create a Healthy Sleeping Space. The body requires good quality sleep to regenerate itself. If this is interrupted by an unhealthy sleeping space it can result in poor health and well-being. Instead of hanging that TV, add some calming plants or surround yourself with items that make you feel loved and cared for. 

Your home is an extension of yourself, they’re not just the physical spaces you fill with furniture and décor. You want it to be welcoming, relaxing and filled with positivity. Hopefully these simple suggestions will help you slow down and notice the beauty of the present moment in your McAdams’ home. 

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