Maximizing Multifunctional Spaces

The past couple of years have really highlighted the importance of our living spaces and have compelled many people to find creative ways to maximize the functionality of their homes. Today, home is not just where we gather with family or rest our heads after a long day. Our homes have suddenly become our workplace, school, gym, yoga studio and much more. One way to make your home more functional is to create multipurpose spaces – living rooms, dining rooms, and spare bedrooms – that serve your family’s needs. To get a sense of the possibilities, check out some ideas below for creating multi-functional spaces in your home.

Office and Guest Space. Kitchen islands and dining tables have become places of virtual learning, Zoom meetings and workspaces. With so many members of the family home and vying for a quiet place, having a dedicated workspace has become essential. With limited rooms in the home, however, consider your guest room doubling as a workspace. Today’s fold up beds easily convert into seamless looking cabinets, a great way to create multi-functional space. 

Relaxation and Indoor Activity Space. Whether you just want a recreational spot for yourself and your friends, or you have children who need a playroom, creating hybrid spaces everyone can enjoy is easy to achieve with the right organization, such as storage ottomans, large baskets, or modular loungers. You can opt for a sofa that can be reassembled as a guest bed or side tables that double as extra seating options.

Blur the Lines of Interior and Exterior. Fortunately for us in southeastern North Carolina the pleasant climate allows us to combine indoor and outdoor areas. Screened or covered porches and patios can be used as dining and lounge areas, making indoor areas normally occupied with larger furniture to be used for other purposes.

Regardless of the difficulties posed by the pandemic, it has given us opportunities to change how we work, relax, and play—changes that will hopefully benefit ourselves and our communities, as well as our planet. After all the challenges we’ve faced and continue to confront, our homes and living spaces need to be as flexible and as varied as we are. If you are looking for a home that works perfectly for your lifestyle, contact us today.

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