Take a Walk with Us – Our Favorite Places to Walk around Town

“If you are in a bad mood, go for a walk. If you are still in a bad mood, go for another walk.” -Hippocrates

If 2020 left you on a bad mood like it did us, then walk your way through 2021 with a better attitude.  The great thing is, there are no shortages of places to walk around Wilmington.  Try some of the trails in our area to get your daily quota of steps and enjoy the stress relief and endorphin rush of an outdoor workout.  You may notice how much calmer and centered you feel after some time spent outdoors surrounded by all the natural beauty our town has to offer. And luckily, no matter what your level of fitness, there are opportunities to get, um, off the beaten path.

We love Wilmington’s Downtown Riverwalk for so many reasons.  Located along the Cape Fear River, it is home to many businesses and gorgeous scenic views. The Riverwalk’s wide boardwalk begins at Nun Street and runs more than a mile to the convention center. Not only is the walk beautiful, but also houses local, cultural and historic happenings. It’s a wonderful place to get a taste of downtown Wilmington at its best!

Next stop…Wrightsville Beach Loop.  If you have to get a run in, you might as well get it done at the beach, right?!  2.5 miles will fly by when they include views of the Intracoastal Waterway and the opportunity to stop and catch your breath to take in the view of boats passing by, paddle boarders, or even a family of dolphins.  You can even make a quick detour to the beach and watch the waves and/or finish off your workout at Wrightsville Beach Park.

 UNCW isn’t just a place for students to get their learn on, it’s a spot for you to get your steps in too!   Just walking around the grounds of the campus makes for a good long track and also so great people watching if you time it right.  Feeling more like a solitary and more scenic experience?  Try out the Blutenthal Wildflower Preserve located within the campus for a more therapeutic experience amongst the wildflowers.  The preserve was built not only to protect homes of the beautiful wildflowers, but also to contribute to the education of UNCW students and the community. So, come stroll along the trails and discover the plants and animals that make this forest their home while connecting with nature and getting fit!When it comes down to it, nothing beats the convenience of being close to home when it is time to squeeze in some exercise.  And when you live in paradise and your neighborhood has some of the best scenic nature landscapes around with amazing walking trails like we have at The Landing at Lewis Creek, why would you go anywhere else?  Just another reason we love life at The Landing at Lewis Creek! 

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