3 Things to Consider for a Greater Resale Value When Building a New Home

You have to make many choices when you build a new home, so it is the perfect time to make sure you are thinking about the future as well as your current preferences.  Even if you are building your “forever home,” things can change and you may decide to move or even build a different “forever home.” It does happen!  To avoid the stress that could come with worrying about resale value in the next few years, a great approach is to find out what buyers want that benefits the experience of living in your new home. That way you’ll be happy whether you stay or sell.  Here are our top 3 suggestions!

At McAdams Homes, we have found that the majority of buyers prefer a Master Bedroom on the first floor and we offer many floor plans to accommodate!  We can’t argue with their reasons for this preference either.  First of all, not everyone loves stairs!  Whether it’s a physical issue that makes walking up stairs difficult, or you just prefer the convenience of a quick trip to the kitchen in the middle of the night, having a direct path from the main living area to the Master Suite makes life simpler.

Also, having the Master on the first floor gives everyone a little more space and privacy.  Whether it’s a little separation from children, guests or live-in in-laws, Mom and Dad deserve a little space to themselves!  However you decide to use the Master Suite, it makes sense that since more people want a home with a first-floor master, that the law of supply and demand boosts the price of homes that are designed with them.

However, if you love a Master Suite upstairs, don’t you worry…we offer plenty of those floor plans too!

When you think about building your new home, you often dream about kitchen cabinets and bathroom lighting and all things interior.  But don’t underestimate the value of curb appeal!  Landscaping can great value to your property. In fact, it is one of the few home improvements you can make that not only adds value immediately, but also increases in value as the years go by. A plus with McAdams Homes is that your home comes fully landscaped with sod, irrigation and beautiful fencing! A well-landscaped home has a significant price advantage over a home with no landscaping.  Plus, who doesn’t love to enjoy the beauty of nature in their own backyard, especially in gorgeous Wilmington, NC?!

Speaking of making the most of our incredible climate and enjoying the outdoor space of your dream home, another tip for increasing your home’s resale values is adding a patio!  Patios are sought after amenities for most homes, making them a valuable addition when trying to sell your home.  Most of our floor plans include a patio or the option to add one on for that very reason.  So if enjoying cookouts with friends and neighbors and watching sunsets on your patio weren’t appealing enough, now there is even more reason to “deck” out your backyard! 

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