5 Options For Your Bonus Room

Most spaces in your home already have a designated use. The Kitchen is where you
gather with family and your Master Bedroom is your nighttime respite. So when you have a room that doesn’t have a clear purpose, you might be left scratching your head. However, a little clever planning can help you define the space and turn your Bonus Room into one of the best places in your home. Not sure what to do with your Bonus Room in your new McAdams Home? Here are some ideas to get your design juices flowing.

Home Office: Bonus Rooms can work great as Studies or Home Offices. They’re
often separated from noisy rooms like the Kitchen, they’re the perfect place to get a little work done. With a solid desk, ample lighting and a computer, a bonus room might become a catalyst for productivity — or at least a quiet place for conference calls and Zoom meetings.

Home Gym: Busy working on your fitness? Stop tripping over dumbbells and workout
mats by using your Bonus Room as a family fitness center. You’ll have plenty of space for various workout machines and a drink cooler to stay cool and hydrated while you get your Arnold on.

Home School: Even if homeschooling was never in your plans, it has become a part of
many of our lives at the moment in some form. If you find that your kids tend to leave papers, binders and textbooks all over the house, your Bonus Room could be the perfect homework space. Quiet and free of distractions like TV and video games, a few comfortable chairs and a workspace turn a big room into a peaceful place for kids to buckle down.

Movie/Game Room: If you have video game-aholics in your family — whether they’re
kids or adults — you know how annoying it can be to have your TV and Living Room constantly tied up by the latest Xbox release. A gaming room might be your answer. Setting your gaming systems and a few bean bag chairs in the space means finally getting your Living Room back. This set up also doubles as the perfect backdrop for movie night. Just add popcorn!

Play Room/Teen Hangout: Tired of tripping over toys and the constant clutter of crayons and soccer balls? Contain it all behind the doors of your Bonus Room! Added bonus… Peace and quiet in the Living Room! Luckily, the Bonus Room isn’t something your children will grow out of either, unlike the discarded socks littering the floor. It can adapt and change as quickly as your family does. Teens don’t always want to hang out with the rest of the family. Still, you can at least keep them in your home with a space to call their own. A teen hangout spot might include a TV and gaming system, a speaker for their phones, plenty of charging outlets and even a snack station or mini fridge to satisfy those never-ending appetites!

With so many good ideas, why not snag a McAdams Homes floor plan with a bonus
room already included and double up on the options for a home fit for the whole family?!

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