Montessori Schools in the Cape Fear

Whether you are first time buyers or are looking for a little more room for your growing family, McAdams Homes offers thoughtfully designed floor plans and specially curated communities to fit all your family’s needs. Our communities are minutes away from everyday conveniences like shopping and dining, medical care, and entertainment. The Cape Fear region also offers great educational opportunities – here we’ll look at the Montessori schools in our area.  

You might be asking, what is a Montessori school? And what is the difference between them and a normal school? At the core of the Montessori Method of education is the belief that a child who is fully engaged learns instinctively and effortlessly. The Montessori environment allows the child to act independently and to be a participant in their own education. When the child is allowed to make choices and see the results of these, their self-esteem and confidence are built creating a more self-reliant, happy, and independent child.  

Dr. Montessori believed that a child’s full potential – physical, intellectual, and emotional – can be reached only if the child is given the opportunity to develop through the exploration of the environment. Rather than “teaching” concepts, the environment is designed to stimulate the child’s interests and learning capacities spontaneously. The learning process is experiential and investigative. Lessons are constructed to appeal to a child’s unique abilities and enthusiasms. In addition, special emphasis is placed on puzzles and problem-solving to help children build critical thinking skills. Dr. Montessori recognized that there are many ways of learning and information sharing – therefore Montessori classrooms offer a wide variety of activities and materials.

Learn more about the Montessori schools in the area by clicking on the links below. 

Peace Rose Montessori – Wilmington.

Island Montessori School – Wilmington. 

The Children’s Schoolhouse Montessori School – Wilmington.

Topsail Montessori – Hampstead. 

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