Pumpkin Carving Tips

Autumn is on our doorsteps, figuratively and literally – you can’t have Halloween without jack-o’-lanterns. Whether you are a beginner carver or out to win the neighborhood pumpkin carving contest, we hope the below hacks will guarantee you the best carved pumpkin on the block.  

Choosing Your Pumpkin. Choose a pumpkin with an intact stem – the greener the better. The stem provides moisture and helps the pumpkin last longer. Once you have selected your perfect pumpkin, be sure to wipe down the outside with a diluted bleach solution. This helps reduce microbes that lead to decay. Once carved you can spray again with diluted solution.

*Note: If kept out of direct light in a cool place, an intact pumpkin can last a month or more, once carved, the life expectancy goes down to between three days and three weeks. It is a piece of fruit, so the cooler you can keep it the better. 

Draw Your Design First. Using a dry-erase marker allows you to easily remove lines with a damp cloth to allow you to make changes to your design without causing confusion.

Open Pumpkin from the Bottom. Hollow out pumpkins from the bottom for a cleaner look. Do this outdoors or use plenty of newspaper because it’s a messy job. This makes placing and lighting the candle easier. 

*Note: When you separate the seeds from the goop, place them in a bowl of water, the seeds will float as the goop sinks. Pat the seeds dry and toss them in a little oil and cayenne pepper, roast at 350 degrees until brown (approximately 20 minutes) and enjoy.

Lighting. Use votive candles inside glass holders filled with a little water, so the candle will go out when it burns down (just be sure to put a hole in the top back of the pumpkin to allow smoke to escape). Use two or more candles for greater light. Or use a small string of battery-operated Christmas lights.

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