Real Estate Voted Best Investment

Homeownership has long been part of the “American dream” and based on a recent Gallup poll, real estate has been rated the best long-term investment for nine years running now. For those that own a home, it’s clear that there are considerable benefits both emotionally and financially. Not only does buying a home help with long-term stability but it is one of the best ways to increase your net worth and grow your wealth over time. 

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a home, rest assured when inflation is high like we are seeing these days, owning a home is a powerful financial tool. Rising inflation means the price of everything is increasing across the board. When you purchase a home and lock in a monthly housing payment, you are essentially shielding yourself from increases to one of your biggest expenses each month. If you are renting, you are not protected from these increases, especially as rent costs continue to rise.  

With the rise of inflation, home prices rise too. Your house is an asset that typically increases in value over time, as there will always be a demand for housing. Rising home values is giving homeowners a significant boost to their equity, and by extension their net worth. Homeownership is a powerful investment and an asset to help you achieve other life goals. 

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