Simple Cleaning Resolutions

Life gets busy and we all could use more hacks to make it simpler. With the New Year right around the corner, we wanted to offer some easy ways to start the year off with home cleaning resolutions. A clean and tidy home not only improves your home’s aesthetic but can also promote peace of mind. 

Everything in its place. Easy enough, right?! When everyone in the family knows where the designated spot for an item is, the house is easier to clean and keep organized. 

“One In, One Out” Rule. One of the easiest ways to keep your house less cluttered is to implement this rule. For every new item that comes in, get rid of something old. This can be difficult at first, but a small price to pay for a tidy home. 

Clean Room by Room. Whether it’s be putting away Christmas decorations, cleaning up needles that have dropped from your tree or cleaning up after a holiday party. It’s easy to just to keep going and do a deep-clean of the rest of your home. Tackle rooms with the most foot traffic first. Vacuum, scrub, rinse and repeat throughout your home until it feels new again. Then every quarter do another deep clean. 

Set aside time to declutter. Make time each day to straighten up and stay on top of messes. Maybe it’s a 5-minute timer before bed or right after you wake up, designate a specific time to tidy things up, and see how much you can accomplish while the clock is running. 

Make your bed. Set the tone for a productive day by making your bed in the morning. This simple act can also give you a sense of order and calm. It’s also a small act of self-care – sending a message to yourself that you are worth it. 

We hope these simple steps will help turn your McAdams Home into a calm and relaxing oasis for your family. To learn more about one of our specially curated communities in the Wilmington Area of North Carolina, click here for current incentives. Or if you own a preferred lot, you can choose from our portfolio of floor plans to personalize with numerous design options. Contact us today to get started on your new home journey.

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