Summer Energy Savings Tips

At McAdams Homes, we use building methods and materials to make your home more energy efficient. With the warming summer days coming soon, here are some tips and practices to help you save on energy bills and ease the summer strain put on your HVAC unit. 

Keep your home breezy. An easy way to cut down on cooling costs is by using fans. By using a fan and air conditioner simultaneously, you can raise your thermostat setting by 4 degrees with no change in your comfort. Set the ceiling fan’s blades to spin counter-clockwise to create a cool breeze and remember that fans cool people and not rooms—so use them only in rooms that are occupied!  

Keep the sun out. Your window curtains and blinds can be your best ally against the summer rays. Sunlight coming through your windows will heat up your home, causing you to spend more on air conditioning. To help your home stay cool, keep window coverings closed during the day when the sun is at its brightest and hottest. 

Consider your lighting. Be careful which lights you choose; incandescent bulbs lose approximately 90% of their energy as heat. Consider replacing your incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs, which operate at a lower wattage and produce only half as much heat. LED bulbs also use 75% less energy and last 50 times longer than traditional bulbs, saving you money on electricity and replacement costs.

Put it off. Here’s a good excuse to put off some chores. Heat-producing tasks such as laundry, using your dishwasher, and cooking can make your air conditioner work harder. Delay these until the cooler morning or evening hours to help keep energy costs down and your living space comfortable. Pop some burgers on the grill or invite some friends over for a cookout. You can enjoy the great weather while you avoid raising the temperature in your home.

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