Things to Do on Thanksgiving (Besides Just Feasting!)

Thanksgiving Day is full of routines that mostly revolve around food and watching football. We anticipate the heaping plates full of sides, gravy-soaked turkey, and our favorite deserts and pies, but there are plenty of fun activities to do on Thanksgiving that don’t put all the pressure of the day’s success on the dining table. This year, plan to create other traditions and routines that extend past the expected menu. 

Donate your time or food items. For a feel-good activity, collect canned goods or other non-perishable food items to donate to your local food bank. Volunteer to serve a meal at a local soup kitchen or help deliver Thanksgiving dinners to the community. Helping others experience the joy of yummy food will make you feel great and hopefully more grateful.  

Connect with family. Interview family members (“what was your first concert?” or “where would you live on the planet if you could live anywhere?”) or call an older relative that is no longer able to travel for the holidays to let them know you are thinking about them. 

Go for a walk or Turkey Trot. A Thanksgiving Day run is a fun way to get the hectic day started, or you can organize a family walk around the neighborhood after dinner to get everyone moving. 

Settle in on the couch. Nothing is better than an afternoon nap watching the game or for others, pair that second slice of pie with a movie. Let everyone vote on their holiday favorite and settle in with blankets and a warm drink. 

Get out and play. Another post feast pastime is to toss around the football. If that’s not your thing try bocce, horseshoes, cornhole or a frisbee. If the weather isn’t cooperating play a boardgame or charades. 

We hope these ideas of things to do at Thanksgiving are celebrated by family and guests the whole holiday weekend and help make memories that will last a lifetime. We want your McAdams Homes to be a place for family gatherings. See our specially curated communities in the Wilmington Area of North Carolina, click here for current incentives. Or if you own a preferred lot, you can choose from our portfolio of floor plans to personalize with numerous design options. Contact us today to get started on your new home journey.

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