Top 3 Front Door Colors of All-time

Curb appeal starts at the front door.  A great front door can make all the difference in your homes appearance.   The right color door can make your home look welcoming, add curb appeal and set the tone for what’s inside. It’s kind of like the feeling you get after an amazing haircut and color!  Pick the right hue and set the tone for you whole home.

Now, what color to pick for that pop of personality as you cross the threshold?  The surveys are in and the top three choices this year and of all time are red, dark grey/black and hunter green.  So if you want to stay classic, we just have to decide which one suits your home best!

Red: Whether it’s lipstick, nail polish or your front door, this classic remains in the lead! It works well with both light and white home exterior schemes as well as dark grey and black.  Red is so versatile. From bright to dark it works well with modern to traditional styles and even on red brick homes—but do your best to match the tone. Deep red adds a classic touch and work well with black, grey, green or taupe.  What does having a deep red front door say about you? You are seen as warm, classic and even a little daring!  Pass the paint brush now!

Dark Gray/Black:  Why do we always fall back on that little black dress when we have a special occasion that requires we look our best? Because black makes a dramatic statement and stands the test of time.  The same applies to front door color!  What’s more stately than a solid black front door? If you’re looking for a paint color that connotes seriousness, dark grey or black is the choice for you.  These traditional colors often seems formal, but you can add a playful tone with a modern black door against a colorful exterior. Covered with a shiny veneer, this front door is definitely glamorous—just like you!

Hunter Green:  Another classic that is both earthy and elegant.  You can’t go wrong with a fresh, healthy hunter green hue to welcome your guests into your humble abode!  Deep green looks excellent with red or white washed bricks or any neutral background. It’s better with lighter or neutral trim colors rather than black or charcoal as it will get lost. It’s also beautiful with natural woods or walnut colors.  If you have a dark green door you may be regarded as regal, elegant, peaceful and graceful. 

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