Cooking can be loads of fun, but it can also be a little bit hectic. Fortunately, there are a few simple adjustments you can bring to your kitchen that make the cooking process significantly easier and make your kitchen work for you. If you want a faster and less-stressful kitchen experience, follow these three tips to make your kitchen work for you. 

One way to make sure your cabinets stay organized is to utilize some stacking shelves for lower cabinets.  Installing shelves in your cabinets transforms them from untamed caves into orderly storage units that serve up exactly what you need. Throw in some drawers inserts that will make tidy cubbies for both your long cooking tools and the small ones without wasting space.  Don’t be afraid to stack; multitier shelves or lazy susans can up your organization game instantly.  Both are handy for organizing items like condiments, spices, and vitamins and can help make the most of corner base cabinets and storage spaces. You can’t go wrong with double the space and half the clutter!  Win-win!

The backs of cabinet doors provide easy-to-access storage for things like measuring cups, pot lids, spices, plastic bags and kitchen wraps.  Storage racks can be easily and inexpensively installed to increase space and organization inside the cabinets. Kitchen gloves and dish towels can be hung by hook son the insides of cabinets and if you want to get really creative, try attaching an empty box of Kleenex inside the door to store all of your plastic grocery bags.  You can recycle and repurpose like a champ!  Another game changer for keeping the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink organized is to install a tension rod.  Hang all of your cleaning supplies by their spray nozzles, doubling your storage space and keeping the bottom level neat and tidy.

Don’t forget to look up!  Just as you can hang your cleaning supplies, you can hang your pots and pans with a hanging pot rack.   A restaurant-style pot rack is a practical way to reduce clutter in the kitchen but can also be a decorative statement. You can get creative and personalize your pot rack to your home’s style.  Whether you prefer contemporary stainless steel, colonial-inspired wrought iron, or natural woods; there is a pot rack out there for you!

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