Our Favorite Donuts in Wilmington, NC

“To find inner peace search deep inside yourself. Is there a donut there? If not, take corrective action.”- Anonymous

We’ll just make a statement: there is no bad donut! We’re not judging.  Some like them light and airy, others prefer cakey and more substantial.  Glaze, frosting, toppings? The sky is truly the limit!  And whether you spell them donuts or doughnuts, there is no denying that we all love this sweet breakfast treat!  But with so many good options, how do you choose the best spot to grab a dozen?  Well, we’ve narrowed it down to our top 3 favorites, the rest is up to you and your palate…or try all 3, like we said, no judgement!

First stop:  Wake ‘n’ Bake!  With two locations, one in downtown Wilmington and one in Carolina Beach, you’re never far from this delicious goodness!   Wake ‘n’ Bake gained popularity and became a local favorite after winning the Donut Showdown on the Cooking Channel in 2017. Where Wake N Bake truly shines is with its signature donuts. Creations like the Slimm Shady with chocolate glaze and salted potato chip crumbs, or Dat Ghost Fire, infused with ghost pepper, you’ll find some unusual flavor combinations. Not to mention the fritters, croissants and stuffed donuts!  They have so many amazing combinations that narrowing it down to a dozen is the hardest part!

You can’t have a conversation about donuts in Wilmington without someone mentioning Britts’s Donut Shop.   Britt’s Donuts are as much an experience as a food product. Britt’s has been a fixture along the Carolina Beach boardwalk since 1938, and for good reason! They only serve glazed donuts – but they’re served as quickly as they’re made. Typically, we don’t believe in rules when it comes to dounts but at Britt’s there is just one, eat your donuts immediately!  Due to their freshness, you’ll get a buttery, melt in your mouth, sweet treat but they are definitely most delicious when eaten warm.  Also, time your trip right or be prepared to wait! They’re open every day during the summer season until they sell out; and at times, the line wraps around the building!

Our next local favorite is a comfortable, inviting little breakfast restaurant with a wonderful ambiance and super friendly staff. The selection of donuts is huge – frosted, sprinkled, glazed, and decorated.  If cakey donuts are your preference, you are in luck and Donut Inn will be your new favorite spot!  And if sugary deliciousness isn’t enough to convince you, this locally owned and operated shop is all about giving back to the community.  They donate all of their end of day baked goods to local nonprofit organizations that serve our local area.  As if you needed another reason to eat a donut!           

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