What You Want in a Master Bedroom

We are spending time at home and with our families now more than ever and you may find yourself needing some personal space!  Why not make your master bedroom your sanctuary?!

All of our floor plans include spacious master bedrooms for that reason.   A spacious master suite is ideal if you want room for a large dresser, a full-length mirror and a bench to sit on while you put on shoes.  If you share your home with children or other family members, having a room that’s just for you can be essential to your well-being. Now is the perfect time to put that extra space to work too.  Need a place of your own to escape from the kids and indulge in your favorite reality tv show?  Include a mini living room with a comfy armchair and a TV!   Love practicing yoga at home or want a quiet space in which to meditate? Need somewhere to do some crafting or read a book? Then a big bedroom with plenty of open floor space is a must-have!

Let’s talk about storage!  We all know organization can alleviate a lot of stress from your day-to-day life. Not having to look for our socks every morning is a luxury that only a few of us experience if our closets are not adequate. That’s what makes storage such an important yet underrated part of any home. It streamlines your life and gets rid of unnecessary frustrations.  A walk-in closet can double as a dressing room and help you de-clutter the bedroom as shoes, jewelry, clothes and makeup can all be found in one place and hidden from view!  Prefer a space all your own free from your spouse’s stinky gym socks?!  Dual closets may be the answer.  No matter which route you choose, we have a plan to meet your needs!

Hope you’re not turned off by a little potty talk, because that is the next item on our list: on-suite bathrooms; which literally means, an attached bath.  You will find on-suite bathrooms in all of our master suites, but to us on-suite means a lot more than just a bathroom in the bedroom. It also means privacy!! After all, no one likes having to navigate down a dark hallway in the middle of the night to find the bathroom! Likewise, parents typically prefer not to share their bathrooms with their kids and guests. And when you build a home with McAdams Homes, we make sure you don’t have to sacrifice a thing!

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