3 Things to Consider for a Greater Resale Value When Building a New Home

You have to make many choices when you build a new home, so it is the perfect time to make sure you are thinking about the future as well as your current preferences.  Even if you are building your “forever home,” things can change and you may decide to move or even build a different “forever home.” It does happen!  To avoid the stress that could come with worrying about resale value in the next few years, a great approach is to find out what buyers want that benefits the experience of living in your new home. That way you’ll be happy whether you stay or sell.  Here are our top 3 suggestions!

At McAdams Homes, we have found that the majority of buyers prefer a Master Bedroom on the first floor and we offer many floor plans to accommodate!  We can’t argue with their reasons for this preference either.  First of all, not everyone loves stairs!  Whether it’s a physical issue that makes walking up stairs difficult, or you just prefer the convenience of a quick trip to the kitchen in the middle of the night, having a direct path from the main living area to the Master Suite makes life simpler.

Also, having the Master on the first floor gives everyone a little more space and privacy.  Whether it’s a little separation from children, guests or live-in in-laws, Mom and Dad deserve a little space to themselves!  However you decide to use the Master Suite, it makes sense that since more people want a home with a first-floor master, that the law of supply and demand boosts the price of homes that are designed with them.

However, if you love a Master Suite upstairs, don’t you worry…we offer plenty of those floor plans too!

When you think about building your new home, you often dream about kitchen cabinets and bathroom lighting and all things interior.  But don’t underestimate the value of curb appeal!  Landscaping can great value to your property. In fact, it is one of the few home improvements you can make that not only adds value immediately, but also increases in value as the years go by. A plus with McAdams Homes is that your home comes fully landscaped with sod, irrigation and beautiful fencing! A well-landscaped home has a significant price advantage over a home with no landscaping.  Plus, who doesn’t love to enjoy the beauty of nature in their own backyard, especially in gorgeous Wilmington, NC?!

Speaking of making the most of our incredible climate and enjoying the outdoor space of your dream home, another tip for increasing your home’s resale values is adding a patio!  Patios are sought after amenities for most homes, making them a valuable addition when trying to sell your home.  Most of our floor plans include a patio or the option to add one on for that very reason.  So if enjoying cookouts with friends and neighbors and watching sunsets on your patio weren’t appealing enough, now there is even more reason to “deck” out your backyard! 

We love Wilmington! Here’s why…

All of us at McAdams Homes have chosen to make Wilmington home for our own personal reasons.  But some common themes on all of our lists of things we love about the Port City are, its beaches, fine dining, culture and nightlife…need we say more?  Don’t worry, we will!

Whether you’re downsizing and looking forward to a coastal retirement or looking for room to grow your new family by the sea, Wilmington, NC has an undeniable appeal. Tucked away on the Cape Fear coast, our beloved city offers a unique mix of Southern charm and diverse culture. From our gorgeous beaches to the beautiful historic district, Wilmington has something for everyone. There are many reasons to live in Wilmington, so here are a few of our favorite features that make us proud to call the Port City home!

Life on the water is what draws many people to North Carolina’s coast; and it is obvious why Wilmington attracts retirees and college students alike to call it home!  Wilmington is surrounded by some of the best beaches. Within a few minutes of the city lie five of the most beautiful stretches of sand on the East Coast, each with its unique personality and charm.  Just minutes away from all of our McAdams Homes communities, Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach are perfect for family friendly fun.  Just a little further down the road in Topsail Beach and Figure 8 Island you’ll find private beaches and peaceful seaside havens worth driving for!  Located between the river and the sea, Wilmington is a boater’s paradise. Ready access to the ocean, the intercoastal waterway, and the Cape Fear River means that all manner of maritime recreation is readily available. Marinas, boat rentals, and charters are all readily available, letting you choose the best way to get on the water. From deep-sea fishing to water-skiing to casual boat rides with friends, there’s a nautical adventure waiting for you.

Wilmington was born on the banks of the Cape Fear River and much of the action still happens right there! Wilmington’s Downtown Riverwalk has been voted one of the best in America, and for a good reason! Running through the city’s Historic District, the Riverwalk showcases some of the city’s best attractions: waterfront dining, river cruises, concerts, and street fairs and of course some of the most stunning sunsets around!

Speaking of street fairs and the like, there are so many cultural and arts events around town, there is never a dull moment. Wilmington’s residents love to socialize, and the city’s many annual festivals are great excuses to do so. There are so many to choose from. From the annual Cucalorus Film Festival, to the weekly Riverfront Farmer’s Market, there is something for everyone. One of the biggest events of the year is the Azalea Festival.  So if live music, street fairs, balls, and garden parties are your thing, you won’t be disappointed!  There is no limit to our love for living life in Wilmington and we are sure you will agree!

Have you heard about The Landing at Lewis Creek?

The Landing at Lewis Creek is an amazing coastal living community located off of Gordon Rd in Wilmington!  Just minutes away from shopping, dining, downtown Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach, there isn’t a better area to build your dream home!  The location ais only overshadowed by the incredible starting prices of $204,000!  And that includes standard granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, 9 foot ceilings, and a landscape package with sod and an irrigation system! And for a limited time, McAdams Homes is offering an incentive package which includes a $4000 design or closing credit and a free fridge of your choice up to $1400! 

The only struggle you may have when purchasing a home at The Landing at Lewis Creek is deciding which of their amazing floor plans to choose from!  All single family homes in The Landing at Lewis Creek are two stories and range from 1,873-2,381  square feet.  All of the floor plans are open concept with large great rooms, many with the option of a fireplace.   Depending on your family’s needs, you’ll have the option of 3-5 bedrooms and even a loft area in some plans and 2.5-3.5 bathrooms!  There are so many included features that it is almost too hard to list them all!  Front load garages are standard as are wood laminate flooring downstairs, stain resistant carpets throughout, brushed nickel hardware, and Moen plumbing fixtures, just to name a few.  There are many optional features as well including but not limited to screened porches, alternative kitchen and master bathroom layouts, bonus rooms, formal dining rooms and so much more!

Do you love the sound of living the coastal dream at The Landing at Lewis Creek but not need as much space?  Not a problem!  They also feature two story town homes ranging from 1,591-1,841 square feet.  All of the layouts have 3-4 bedrooms with an open concept with great rooms that feature fireplaces!  The floor plans leave plenty of room for variety with options of having a first-floor master suite or the master on the second floor and an optional bathroom upgrade.  Both plans feature a front porch with a view and a second-floor laundry room. All homes and townhomes come with a 1-year Builder Warranty and your satisfaction is always guaranteed!  There are so many reasons to make The Landing at Lewis Creek home!  Call us for more information today! 910-798-3006

The 5 Building Blocks of Trust

“What is the most important thing in your company — is it trust or is it growth? If anything trumps trust, we are in trouble…You have to choose what is really important to you. We are in a new world… and trust better be number one.” — Marc Benioff

At McAdams Homes, we believe strongly that trust is crucial in having a successful business. Trust between team members and trust between everyone involved in the business transaction. We pride ourselves in the relationships we build with our clients and the positive dynamic we have at the office. How do we build that trust, you ask? We base our work ethic on the 5 key building blocks of trust.

No. 1. Honesty and Integrity: Having honesty and integrity in the workplace is one of the most important qualities of great leadership in business. Integrity means doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do, even if no one would know otherwise. We all know the importance of telling the truth and its effects on trust. Honesty is the most important aspect of trust in all relationships and it is much easier to be honest at all times, than to earn someone’s trust back.

No. 2. Reliability: Great leaders and trustworthy individuals keep their promises. They give promises carefully, but once they have given that promise, they follow through on that promise without fail. Being reliable is one of the most valued traits in a person. People who can be trusted to follow through in the little things are the people we trust with the bigger things. In business, reliability is measured in results. Our team works together cohesively because we all strive to be reliable and do our jobs to the best of our abilities.

No. 3. Motive: It is difficult to trust someone when you feel that their motives for having a relationship with you is selfish. At McAdams Homes our motive is always to satisfy our customers and help them build the home of their dreams. Your satisfaction is our biggest motivation. We genuinely care about your well-being and that is apparent in our interactions. We hope you feel it too!

No. 4. Ability and Competence: Competence is the ability to perform job responsibilities. Involving others, seeking input and helping people to learn new skills are behaviors that build trust in the workplace. We are fortunate to have built a team of professionals that are some of the best on the business; all with strengths and abilities that complement each other well so we are able to run an effective business you can trust.

No. 5. Authentic Connection: All relationships have an emotional component, even work relationships, and this is critical to building trust. Authentically connecting with others positively impacts trust in every possible way. Communication becomes easier and relationships flourish when connection is genuine. We encourage genuine connection by doing our best to be present in the moment with whomever we are with, listening with our full attention, maintaining honesty and openness in our sharing and being ourselves. These principles have made us many happy customers! Just ask them, they’ll tell you!

“My wife and I cannot begin to say how happy we are with our experience with McAdams. The McAdams staff has gone above and beyond with giving design guidance, answering questions, and just making the overall building process exciting.

We just wanted to thank you and everyone at McAdams for all the hard work everyone has put forward for us in our new home. We were always reassured that any issue or concern we had, would be corrected which made it a better experience. I think it is natural to have some anxiety as a customer to go thru the building process and you all always kept us informed and explained the process well.

We love our home and are happy with our experience with McAdams and are truly grateful we fell upon this development while house hunting!

We would highly recommend McAdams Homes to anyone looking to build a new home. You will be 100% satisfied with your decision!” — Andy & Nicki F.

April Showers, Bring May Flowers – What to Plant in Your Coastal NC Gardens

April’s upon us and many of us now have some extra time to devote to working in our gardens this year.  But a lot of this will seem more like pleasure than work.  What better time than now to add some beauty into the world?  So, even though spring is still with us, it’s time to think about summer, especially when choosing plants for flower beds in sunny spots.

Lantana: For a long time, lantana has been a top choice for these hot spots. There are trailing types suited for pots and hanging baskets and upright ones that go well in both containers and beds. They come in a wide range of colors and are known for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden.

Zinnias: Zinnias, too, love hot, sunny positions, and grow in a range of heights that make them suited for edging or background plants. Zinnias are sold widely as bedding plants but they are also quite easy to grow from seeds sown in warm soil.

Pentas and angelonia:  These hot-spot plants are great choices because they stand up well to our high summer temperatures and humidity.   They are hearty and require little maintenance and thrive well into the fall.

Portulaca and periwinkle: Both portulaca and periwinkle make good choices for gardeners who don’t wish to do a lot of watering. And both come in lovely colors that appeal to many tastes. Large pots also suit them for a summer home.

For shady spots: While shade usually seems cooler, it can still be quite hot. That makes impatiens, begonias and torenia good choices. Torenia, also called wishbone flower, will bring lovely tones of blue and violet into a shade garden that could be dominated by the reds and pinks of impatiens and begonias. Torenia also makes an excellent pot plant and also comes in other colors such as rose pink and white. 

So, break out your gardening gloves and straw hats because the time to get started on your spring garden!

Hardy perennials and some of the hardier annuals such as alyssum can go in the ground starting now, and good selections are already showing up in garden centers. Choose for color and variety and try to stretch the season with perennials selected for early summer, mid summer and late summer bloom.

The tender annuals chosen for summer beauty go in during April and May. These include such popular and long-blooming plants as pentas, petunias, angelonia, heliotropes, lantanas and begonias. Use them for beds, pots and baskets. Choose the flowers based on the amount of sun or shade they’ll get. If you plant early, frost could threaten these tender plants, so plan to cover beds and containers with a sheet, anchored with a brick or small rocks.

Best Local Resources for Outfitting Your New Home

Once you’ve done the heavy lifting of actually moving, it can feel just as overwhelming to figure out where to start when turning your new space into a home. However, it doesn’t have to be so daunting—moving into a new home can actually be a beautiful, exciting new chapter. By conceptualizing the atmosphere, you want in your new space, furnishing a new home can become a straightforward and positive experience.  And luckily for us, we have some amazing and unique local resources for outfitting your new home.  And, now more than ever, it is of the upmost importance to support our local economy!

Filling your new space with some statement pieces and furniture you can be proud of is the best place to start, and Custom Home Furniture Galleries is the perfect place to find everything you need.   They are family owned and operated and committed to providing their customers with the best service possible.  They have incredible furnishings to choose from in the store and online as well the option to design your own!  The on-staff designer will even come to your home for a consultation to get a feel for your space and understand exactly what you need!  This is followed up with an hour-long appointment in the store finding your dream furniture perfectly suited to your style!

Shopping on a budget but still want upscale and classy pieces in your new home?  Then Home Again is the shop for you!  Their inventory is unique and always fresh as they offer an assortment of new and gently used furnishings that are consigned from the most exquisite local Wilmington homes, showroom samples, manufacturers’ liquidations and model homes.  Their inventory is so ever changing and new items come in so frequently that they will even send you a weekly email with their new arrivals.  What better way to save money and find that special statement piece you’ve been dreaming of?

Once the rooms of your new home are filled with your favorite furnishings, it’s time to start thinking about the decorative details!  One of our favorite local spots for finding those special touches and unique pieces is The Fisherman’s Wife.  The Fisherman’s Wife is three shops in one and is anything but ordinary!  With its incredible assortment of fine china, home décor and accessories, creative gifts and even personalized stationery (you’ll need some change of address announcements after all!); you’ll have and amazing experience; guaranteed!

Another shop that stands out one of Wilmington’s best spots for home décor and fine goods is Blue Moon Gift Shops.  If you love supporting local talent and small businesses, then Blue Moon Gift Shops is the place to shop!  Over 100 artisans and small business owners fill the shop with their hand made creations and treasures.  They sell everything from home accessories, furniture, art, pottery, hand blown glass, apparel, hand crafted jewelry, baby gifts, coastal decor, lamps, photography, gourmet fudge and local NC products.  Your new McAdams home will not be complete until you are proudly displaying a locally made piece of art from Blue Moon Gift Shops! 

Spring Specials from McAdams Homes at The Landing at Lewis Creek

“Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security.” -Russell Sage

Few homes look their best in the dirty grays of late winter, which is, in part, why homebuying season coincides with the arrival of spring. This year, however, the azaleas that can make a house look that much nicer are showing up alongside the less reassuring news of a virus circling the globe. But don’t fret, housing is essential and the real estate market will thrive. The staff at McAdams Homes and The Landing at Lewis Creek are adjusting to a new normal as we conduct business as close to usual as possible! We recognize the importance of the safety guidelines set forth by the CDC and will adjust our business practices accordingly while continuing to provide with the exceptional service!

If you’re in the market for a house, all the uncertainty might have you worried. But rest assured, real estate remains a trusted long-term investment option in a time where stock prices are falling and the return on bonds is at an all-time low! NOW is the ideal time to lock in mortgage rates. The Federal Open Market Committee issued an emergency interest rate reduction on March 3 in an effort to lessen the effects of the coronavirus on the economy. With interest rates lowered to just 1-1.25 percent, there has never been a better time to purchase your dream home. And, McAdams Homes and The Landing at Lewis Creek want to make it even more enticing and help our customers out in this time of change.

We are offering a spring special that we are sure will brighten your outlook! In addition to our already phenomenal prices and super low interest rates, we are giving you a $4,000 design or closing credit with every contract! But wait, there’s more! We are also throwing in a free fridge of your choice—up to a $1,400 value! That’s $5,400 in savings! We want nothing more than to see families move into their dream homes during a time when being at home is at the upmost of importance! Let us help you secure the home of your dreams today!

Spring Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your New Home Fresh

You may not realize it, but spring cleaning is actually GOOD for you. Spring cleaning can help you avoid allergy symptoms which tend to be at their worst in the spring, not to mention the emotional benefits. We all have a little bit more time on our hands right now and are spending most of it in our homes, why not use it to make your new McAdams home even more comfortable and enjoyable?!

While you may already have your own system for spring cleaning, there may be better/faster/more effective ways of doing things. We’re going to share some of our favorite spring cleaning hacks to keep your new home sparkling for years to come.
It is easy to be overwhelmed before you even get started. It helps to have a plan so you don’t get distracted. Try segmenting your home into zones. Zones can include bathrooms, kitchen, living spaces, bedrooms, garage, basement, and outdoor spaces. By approaching the areas that need cleaning in manageable chunks, you’re ensuring you don’t get overwhelmed and abandon your cleaning efforts. Now is a good time to get the family involved too. Assign everyone a zone and get that teamwork going!
Now for some of our favorite cleaning hacks! The kitchen is a good place to start…and is one of our favorite rooms in every McAdams home. To clean your dishwasher, place a cup of distilled white vinegar on the top rack and run it. Your dishwasher will be spic and span with no effort on your end. Clean your garbage disposal by dropping in a handful of crushed ice, half a lemon, and some salt. Turn the disposal on and let it run for a minute. The combination of the lemon and salt will neutralize any odors coming from the disposal.

Bathrooms…everyone’s dreaded chore! But, we make it easy with some homemade hacks. Shower heads can sometimes not work as efficiently as they should due to calcium build up. Remove the shower head, and soak it overnight in distilled white vinegar, and it will be good as new. Get rid of stubborn water stains on faucets or handles using half a lemon. Simply rub the area with the lemon and you’ll have shiny fixtures that smell lemony fresh. Glass shower doors are notorious for building up residue. Take a dryer sheet, sprinkle it with water and scrub down the door to make the glass sparkle.

For the rest of the house, we’ve compiled some of our favorite hacks to make your life easier and your new McAdams home sparkly…er! Blinds always build up dust. Use an old sock and mix up a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. Slip the sock on your hand, dip it in the cleaning solution and then run your hand over the dusty blinds. Rinse and repeat until the whole blind is clean. For dusty air vents, take a butter knife and wrap a thin rag around it. Then slide the knife back and forth between the slats of the vents. Dryer sheets are an excellent tool for dusting. When used on baseboards, not only do they clean off the dust, but they also leave behind a slight residue that will repel dust and keep them from getting dirty as quickly again.

And our personal favorite, use shaving cream to treat stubborn carpet stains…because who’s shaving right now, am I right?! Dab shaving cream on the affected area, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it away with a wet cloth!

Best Paint Colors for Your New Home

“Even castles in the sky can do with a fresh coat of paint.”- Haruki Murakami

One of the most exciting parts of building your dream home is being able to be involved in the decision making process from the beginning.  Choosing the right paint color is a big decision and one that can influence the feel of an entire room.  There is actually a psychology behind certain colors that can effect everything from your mood, to your appetite.    The hues chosen for a room’s walls and ceiling can help determine whether your interior design is a hit or miss.  Here are a few color psychology tips to keep in mind when planning your home’s color scheme.

Bright colors—that is, vibrant shades of green and blue, yellow, and orange provide an expansive feeling. These are friendly, happy colors that encourage communication and are therefore especially welcome in the dining area and kitchen. 

Dark colors, such as red, purple, blue, and dark shades of green, can have a constricting and gloomy effect. But when applied in the right place or as accent elements, they can help convey comfort and security. Red raises the energy level of a room, but it may also make people more irritable and hostile—so it’s not a good choice for a child’s room. Use it as an accent rather than a base room color. Gray should be avoided for the dining area and kitchen—unless you want to dampen your appetite.

Orange and yellow hues raise the perceived temperature of a room and encourage creativity. For that reason, they’re best used in play rooms and offices because they inspire activity — avoid them in rooms meant for relaxation, like the bedroom.

Colors such as icy blues and greens have a calming effect. They are especially well-suited for bedrooms; they help you to go to bed relaxed in the evening and wake up refreshed the next morning. While icy blues are relaxing, navy blue has a different effect.  This color inhibits people’s willingness to communicate; do not use it in living and dining areas where conversation and communication are encouraged.

It may seem overwhelming to narrow down all the color choices but thankfully The Spruce has consulted decorating experts and compiled a list of tried and true color schemes so you can’t go wrong!  From Gentlemen’s Gray to Red Delicious Red; there is a shade to fit the feeling you want in every room of your new home!

Still undecided about what color to choose or unsure of how the final product will look?  Sherwin Williams has you covered!  You can upload a photo of your space to their Personal Color Viewer and choose from any of their paint colors to get a feel of what your rooms will look like!  Building a new home has never been more fun! 

The New Home Building Process

“You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong superstructure.”- Gordon B. Hinckley

At McAdams Homes, we pride ourselves in out commitment to quality and attention to details and that is the foundation of how we approach the home building process. We know that building a home can be one of the most important decisions you make for your family and therefore can be one of the most stressful. Luckily for you, you have a team of experts on your side to help you through the process. We have fine tuned the process in a way that saves the home owner money and expedites the completion time. Our average time frame from start to finish is 120 days. Imagine, you could be just months away from the home of your dreams! Read on to find out how we make it all happen!

It all starts with our Pre-Construction Design Meeting. This is where all of your needs and wants are addressed and factored into the design plan. Come prepared with questions and concerns and our team will make sure you have all the information you need. We will explain every step of the sales process, construction and all pertinent warranty information to ensure you know exactly what to expect. You can use this time to review the Selection Sheet Documentation and the Construction Checklist so we know we have everything perfected to your specifications.

Once the construction is complete, we move on to what’s next on our checklist…making sure you love every detail of your new home! Our Quality Assurance Representative will conduct a walk-through of your new home, leaving no detail overlooked. You will be given a thorough demonstration of all of your homes systems to ensure that everything is up to our high standard of quality and functionality. You will receive the McAdams Homes warranty manual and our promise to provide you with the best service in keeping your home on excellent condition!

Now for the day you’ve been waiting for…the closing! No need to feel anxious about the big day; you have a dream team of key players on your side! We will work closely with your real estate agent and make sure that everyone involved stays informed and prepared. We are always available to answer questions and solve any challenges that may arise. Our goal is to take the stress out of the situation so you can enjoy your family’s big day!

Our desire to make sure we exceed your expectations doesn’t just end when the closing is over. In a year, after you have settled in and made your new house a home, we will reach out to you for a 1 Year Follow Up. A Warranty Representative will come out for a visit to go over any concerns or issues you may have with your new home in southeastern NC. Feel free to make a list of anything you think may need to be repaired or addressed. Your satisfaction is a top priority for our team and we will be by your side every step of the way. So, take that first step today!